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Getting Real
This course deals with the need to get real with our identity, our past, our present, our relationships and our future.

The Key2Me!
This course deals with how the words we speak over ourselves and others have power, how to get out of the blame game and why to choose to thrive rather than just cope.

Power Lines
This course helps us define what a healthy boundary looks like and feels like. We will also develop a plan as to how to put new boundaries in place for relationships.

This program is for the person who wants to face how a lifestyle of deception, dishonesty, and rebellion is keeping them in the criminal/addictive lifestyle. The latter part of the course provides tools to uncover personal values, develop a life statement, and power to walk it out as a new lifestyle. The Myers Briggs personality profile is used in this course as well.

Courageous Communication
This program teaches what communication really is, how to overcome challenges in communication with practical solutions and how to repair relationships when communication is not working. 

Never Go Back
This course, from a book by Dr. Henry Cloud, teaches nine things which are damaging for our personal lives and relationships. Application of these principles will help a person never go back to former destructive ways.  Some examples of the topics: Never Again will I return to what hasn’t worked; try to change another person; believe that I can please everyone; fail to ask ‘why am I here’.

Grief and Loss Recovery
This course helps the participant bring completion to unfinished grief and loss pain. This course would only be offered on a select basis due to the sensitive nature of this topic. It would be necessary to make sure those attending have the emotional strength to participate. 

How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk(Ette)
This course is based on the book by the same name, provides simple techniques to finding out who is partner material—and who isn’t. 

Personal Mentoring

Our staff are called Mentors. Mentoring is a formal relationship where client and mentor work 1-1 on getting to the root of negative repetitive behaviour. It is individualized to the client’s needs and goals.

A Mentor is

  • Further down the road than you
  • Going where you want to go
  • Willing to help you get there
  • Doesn’t let you stay where you are
  • Believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself
  • Has permission to speak into your life
  • A truth teller
  • A cheer leader

Transitions into Community

Lack of trust is a tangible road block for many marginalized women. At Open Door we use backpacks of personal hygiene products and emergency clothing to let women know that we are available to them with no strings attached.

As women are being released from Corrections, Open Door is a community connection. Many women have little or no access to support in the community. Open Door provides a safe place for women to land where they will find staff who are supportive, encouraging and helpful in the release process. We help facilitate the transition back into the community as well as provide long term support.

Female Chaplaincy

Our role for chaplaincy with females in the Provincial Correctional Centre involves but is not limited to weekly Chapel services, group and individual Bible discussions, group mediation/soaking and spiritual direction for any woman of any faith or belief.

We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart and to bring home any who have lost their way. - St Francis

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