About Us

Who We Are

At Open Door Outreach we want to open doors and help PEI women who are incarcerated and addicted experience freedom and real change. Our services help women experience personal transformation. They include personal mentoring, group programs and assistance with transitions into the community post release. We are also responsible for Female Chaplaincy in the Provincial Correctional Centre creating opportunities for engaging with God. Every step in the right direction is applauded as part of the transformation process.


Our motto, Faith for Change means that our faith in Jesus Christ enables us as a Christian humanitarian organization to believe in marginalized women when they cannot believe in themselves.

This faith compels us to be people of honesty and integrity who are loving, compassionate and a non-judgmental presence in the community. Our faith impacts all that we do.

F A I T H   I M P A C T S


Open Door serves marginalized women without ulterior motives or hidden agendas.  No one is required or compelled to adhere to Open Door spiritual beliefs in order to receive our help.


Open Door uses the Mentor model to work with clients. We walk with each person on their healing journey no matter how long it may take.


Open Door is an organization independent in its operation but dependent on vital partnerships within the community.


Going where there is a need, at no cost or pre-condition, is integral to the work of Open Door Outreach


We are committed to bridging the gap of social/public isolation. Introducing our clients into healthy community relationships and participation will ensure healthy connections for a heathier future.


Working toward goals of growth and healing is an ongoing journey of personal transformation taken one baby step at a time. We are cheerleaders and truthtellers on that journey.

The Journey

Open Door Outreach was co-founded by Cheryl Millman and Wanda Livingston and registered as a charity in 2005 as Open Door Ministries. Our focus was always to help rebuild the lives of the addicted and incarcerated.  Rev. Cheryl Millman was hired as Executive Director. Wendy Hawbolt became the Associate Director. Work with women in the Correctional Centre and in the community increased when a Thrift Store was established on Allen St in 2007 with meeting and office space included. Three years later the store was closed as its financial goals were not being met. Offices moved to 374 University Avenue in Charlottetown.  Co-founder Wanda Livingston passed away in 2010.  Her work in the community and Correctional Centre had grown exponentially and would later include Women’s Chaplaincy. Cheryl Millman took on the role of Chaplain to the women. Cheryl’s husband Neal Millman became Chaplain for the men.  A new name,Open Door Outreach, was introduced in 2015 to properly convey how we reach out to those struggling with addiction and incarceration. Offices moved to 30 Brackley Pt Rd in 2020.

We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart and to bring home any who have lost their way. - St Francis

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