Everyone has a story. Every life is worth rebuilding.Open Door Outreach is working with women where it’s needed most, in our Provincial Correctional Centre and in the community.|You can be part of changing the cycle. Your donations are creating transformations.|The vicious cycle of addiction often leads back to crime and incarceration. Open Door Outreach is breaking that cycle.

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We’re working with women where it’s needed  most, in our Provincial Correctional Centre and in the community.

Addiction and drug-related crimes are hurting everyone.  Intervention while incarcerated and in recovery changes the cycle of crime for individuals and their families. We are creating change directly at the source.

You can be a part of changing the cycle.

Donating to Open Door Outreach allows us to continue working directly with women, to change the cycle of crime and addiction.

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A Better Chance

“Open Door has helped me in so many ways. The programs I have taken with them have helped me to begin to figure out who I am and what I need to do to better myself and become the person I want to be. Their programs are so helpful to the female inmates. They help women to become more confidant and teach us how to make better choices. The 1-1 mentoring is something that has really helped me. I have a lot of emotions and feelings that I simply could not deal with on my own. The mentoring has helped me to see that the issues that I need to deal with can be dealt with one step at a time. I am so grateful to the ladies at Open Door for all they have done for me! I am going to have a better chance at life because of their help.”


– Anonymous

Listen as Amy and Sarah discuss their journey, and how Open Door Outreach has impacted their lives

Open Door Is Dedicated To Helping Women

“I have witnessed Open Door’s dedication to women in the criminal justice system. No agency is more directly associated with the women in our facility and more dedicated in trying to make a difference in the lives of the women in our facility. This is crucial. Our women need people like the staff of Open Door; people from the community to be here for them and to support them. People who are reliable, who won’t judge and who will be there regardless of your behaviour or your mistakes.”

– Brooke Mitchell, Facility Manager, Provincial Correctional Centre

A New Path

“I was an addict at 15. After my last time of incarceration, I promised myself I would go down a different path and never come back to this place. I am ever so grateful for leaving my chaotic lifestyle and making the connection with Open Door.”

– Anonymous