Your Programs Helped Me Overcome Addiction

“I really enjoy the programs you teach. When I came into jail off the streets I was coming down off drugs. Your addiction program helped me overcome my addiction and all the other programs you offered has helped me with living my life. I enjoy chapels because you have taught me so much about praying for things and believing in God and his stories. You guys are an inspiration to me. Thank you for everything.”

– Anonymous

Open Door Is A Positive And Non-Judgmental Space

“Open Door Outreach recognized a need for women specific programs. They work with women who have addictions, which is common in our female population. Their program provides women an opportunity to engage with positive mentors who are non- judgmental, compassionate and supportive.”

– Darlene Dawson, Supervisor Probation Services

Confident and Ready to Face Reality

“I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with the ladies of Open Door. Sometimes we are put in difficult situations where we have no control and you can’t help but think about all the negative and forget about the positive in your life. I have taken advantage of attending every program Open Door offered here at the Correctional Centre and each session surprised me because I was learning something new about myself as an individual. Most importantly, I have been reminded that I am a good person and that I matter. However, I regret not having had the courage to have asked for help sooner. The ladies at Open Door have made me feel very comfortable, They are trustworthy, loving, encouraging and best of all, they don’t judge, which to me was very important. My 1-1 sessions really opened my eyes to what I needed to work on to make my life easier upon my release. I feel confidant that I am now ready to face reality and simply be happy thanks to all of the ladies at Open Door. Without their help, my time served would not be as positive and I wouldn’t have learned the things I did and I will be forever grateful for all their help, positive encouragement and feedback. Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me and supported me in more ways than I can explain.”


– Anonymous

A Big Help

“I was incarcerated for many months. In those months Open Door was a big help to me and a big help to everyone. When they came to see us their friendly faces would make my day. Knowing someone was there for me, no matter what I did, who accepted me for who I was, who never judged me in any way, makes a big difference when you are in jail. They put some programming on which was very helpful and exciting. They would come and sit with me in the unit so I could talk, laugh, and cry about anything that I needed to say. They would pray with me. When I was released they brought me some clothing and accessories to wear. They are wonderful people.”


– Anonymous

I Am Excited

“The Open Door Getting Real program has opened my eyes to who I am in a more positive way. It is helping me to dispel lies I have been told by others about my value and worth like loser, useless and stupid. It is also helping me develop a strong, positive attitude about myself. Since we have started getting to the root of my negative thinking, my attitude is changing immensely about myself and others around me. I am excited to see what is happening in me.”


– Anonymous

Open Door Is Dedicated To Helping Women

“I have witnessed Open Door’s dedication to women in the criminal justice system. No agency is more directly associated with the women in our facility and more dedicated in trying to make a difference in the lives of the women in our facility. This is crucial. Our women need people like the staff of Open Door; people from the community to be here for them and to support them. People who are reliable, who won’t judge and who will be there regardless of your behaviour or your mistakes.”

– Brooke Mitchell, Facility Manager, Provincial Correctional Centre

A New Path

“I was an addict at 15. After my last time of incarceration, I promised myself I would go down a different path and never come back to this place. I am ever so grateful for leaving my chaotic lifestyle and making the connection with Open Door.”

– Anonymous

A Better Chance

“Open Door has helped me in so many ways. The programs I have taken with them have helped me to begin to figure out who I am and what I need to do to better myself and become the person I want to be. Their programs are so helpful to the female inmates. They help women to become more confidant and teach us how to make better choices. The 1-1 mentoring is something that has really helped me. I have a lot of emotions and feelings that I simply could not deal with on my own. The mentoring has helped me to see that the issues that I need to deal with can be dealt with one step at a time. I am so grateful to the ladies at Open Door for all they have done for me! I am going to have a better chance at life because of their help.”


– Anonymous

Renewed Strength

“I was an addict at 15. I ended up spending years in Sleepy Hollow Correctional Centre. After my last time of incarceration I promised myself I would go down a different path and never come back to this place. I knew I was better than this lifestyle and I am happy to say I have not looked back. I met Wanda Livingston years ago but one day she visited me in my unit at Sleepy Hollow. She would come out to the jail every Monday afternoon to offer her support if we wanted it. One day I decided to take her up on her offer. I am ever so grateful for leaving my chaotic lifestyle and making the connection with Open Door. I have renewed strength, joy and hope. I encourage you to give them a chance because you are worth it. Cheryl and Wanda believed in me and supported me and helped me to realize that I am worth it. Through their dedication to me I am where I want to be today.”


– R

An Awesome Backpack

“Open Door has worked with me for over a year now. I spent 7 months at the provincial jail and was released 8 months ago. Now I am doing great. I can honestly say that a very big reason why I am doing so well is in part to the programs that were offered to me by the wonderful ladies at Open Door. The one-one mentoring was also a big help to me because it gave me the tools to deal with the hurt and pain from losing people and relationships as a result of my addiction. I am sober and happy and feeling a lot better than I was before I met the women of Open Door. At the time of my release they gave me an awesome backpack filled with much needed toiletries. This came in so handy as I had nothing when I left jail but the clothes on my back!”


– Anonymous

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