Group Programs

Getting Real
This is a 5 week course which deals with the need to get real with our identity, our past, our present, our relationships and our future. Real life change occurs when a person addresses the root cause of their behaviour.
The Key2Me!
What we believe about ourselves will determine how we behave. This 6 week course deals with how the words we speak over ourselves and others have power,  how to get out of the blame game and why to choose to thrive rather than just cope. 
Power Lines
This 5 week course helps us define what a healthy boundary looks like and feels like. We will also develop a plan as to how to put new boundaries in place for relationships.


Overcoming the Criminal Lifestyle

This 6-week program is developed for the incarcerated woman who wants to face what is keeping her in the criminal lifestyle. This course requires an interview to be accepted into the class and the participant must be ready to face how she lives a lifestyle of deception, dishonesty, and rebellion. The latter part of the course provides tools to uncover personal values, develop a life statement, and power to walk it out as a new lifestyle.


Be Curious not Furious       This 5 week program teaches women why communication matters, how to overcome challenges in communication with practical solutions and how being curious about others will help build lines of connection.  Ann Visser of facilitates this course.

How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk(ette)       This 5 week course is based on the book by the same name, provides simple techniques to finding out who is partner material—and who isn’t.   Ann Visser of facilitates this course.

Ann Visser was on staff with Open Door from 2007 – 2012. She now works on a contract basis with Open Door facilitating these two courses which she created. She is a women’s motivational coach, mentor and speaker through 4Better&4Ever Ministries. Ann has a diploma in Addiction Studies from Mount Royal University and is a John Maxwell certified coach, mentor, relationship/leadership educator and speaker.