How a Hula Hoop Teaches…

The Powerlines Course which we teach at the Correctional Centre was created to show how a Hula Hoop signifies “my personal space.”  The first day participants take a survey which in the end signifies whether I let people move into my hula hoop – personal space – physically or emotionally thus telling others, “Go ahead, I don’t matter.”  This person doesn’t think she is important or worthy enough  to tell others she doesn’t like what they are doing or saying to her.  Almost all participants have issues in this area of their lives.

The second part of the survey reveals whether I am the one who crosses over others’ hula hoop’ -personal space – thus telling others by my actions, “you do not matter.”  This person is a fixer and is always in other people’s business.  This is the true picture of codependency which many of our participants are dealing with whether they know it or not.

There are many wonderful revelations which appear in discussions throughout this course and though sometimes difficult, the changes in attitudes, and beliefs from the beginning to the end of this course as seen in pre and post surveys reveal an average 25% change for all who participated.

Some comments:

“This course really helped me to open my eyes to the codependency problems I have with putting others before myself. And then being drastically hurt and used and left feeling worthless in the process.”

“This program taught me how to respect myself and how to take a stand against people getting in my hula-hoop as it is called.”