Seeing the Victories

When you work with women who are generally in distress for various reasons associated with incarceration and/or addiction you have to look for small victories.  Something which appears to be easy for some of us can often be the hardest thing in the world for someone who seems to live in the shadows. You tend to gravitate toward what is familiar so you hang out with people in the shadows and you operate in the shadows,

Recently a young friend popped into the office to say farewell as she was getting ready to head to USA for school.   She admitted she was both excited and scared at doing something so out of her comfort zone. This was not familiar to her but she was going anyway. What is the difference in my young friend and the girls I refer to above?

Support.  My young friend has a big family of support and a big community of support.  People are cheering her on, sending her loving notes and encouraging her.  The women we work with have burnt a lot of those support ties a long time ago – if they ever had them.

Recently I had a bit of a wake up call when I was tagged in a Facebook post.  It was a rant from one of my girls and the part that caught me said this: “Having one of those days ….my one on ones with Cheryl  are starting to help me through days like this”

I had to smile as I recognized the fruit of support – progress.   Thank you for being part of the small victories.  They add up to big victories in the long term.