My Word

OK, I always have a word to start the new year and I track the progress of that word in my life throughout the year.  It’s not a resolution but rather my faith word.  It is something I am waiting for, in need of or hoping for.

My word for 2016 is BREAKTHROUGH.  This is going to be a breakthrough year for Open Door Outreach and all attached to us.  It has already started.

More on that later.

We have a picture of a baseball catcher crouched with a catcher’s mitt and the ball is breaking through the glass and coming right to her.  We put that picture in the middle of a poster board and every time we get a breakthrough we record it and paste it with a string right to that mitt.

We have a jubilant expectation that many breakthroughs are coming and we will enjoy watching it all unfold throughout 2016.

We will keep you posted.