Some people see being powerful as being in control like a manager, a teacher or the political bosses. There’s a difference between having a powerful position and being a powerful person.   Sometimes the wrong people are in powerful positions and these leaders want to be in control over others.  It’s hard to have control over other people… Read more »

Desperate Times/Desperate Measures

I had a conversation with someone working in mental health for crisis situations last week.  It was a desperate situation.  Her client (of many) was one of my clients and was without a roof over her head for the night.  We talked to other agencies.  We racked our brains to think of a way to… Read more »

A Confidence for Life

“THANK-YOU  Wendy and Cheryl so very much for everything.  You guys are awesome. I truly believe I never would have made it through my time in custody without your help, support, faith and contribution.  You made my time in custody more joyful through your programs, chapel service and 1-1 meetings. You gave us all joy… Read more »


I rarely talk about how our faith is part of what we do at Open Door. I guess I assume faith might offend or turn people off from the heart of what we do as an organization but the fact remains that we are a Christian humanitarian organization.  As our logo tagline says, “Faith for… Read more »

Strength Finders

“Strength Finders” Program “It was a great course because it was very helpful in understanding myself and others. It helped me understand why I do the things I do or say. So far it is my favourite program.” “I loved learning about my strengths and knowing how I use them in everyday life.” “The thing… Read more »

How a Hula Hoop Teaches…

The Powerlines Course which we teach at the Correctional Centre was created to show how a Hula Hoop signifies “my personal space.”  The first day participants take a survey which in the end signifies whether I let people move into my hula hoop – personal space – physically or emotionally thus telling others, “Go ahead, I… Read more »

My Word

OK, I always have a word to start the new year and I track the progress of that word in my life throughout the year.  It’s not a resolution but rather my faith word.  It is something I am waiting for, in need of or hoping for. My word for 2016 is BREAKTHROUGH.  This is… Read more »

I Can Change

There was a time when the walls in my life were so high and so dense I never thought that I would allow anyone close enough to even hear the inner thoughts and fears that had brought me to jail. Then I met Cheryl Millman from Open Door Outreach. She found me in jail, a… Read more »

Seeing the Victories

When you work with women who are generally in distress for various reasons associated with incarceration and/or addiction you have to look for small victories.  Something which appears to be easy for some of us can often be the hardest thing in the world for someone who seems to live in the shadows. You tend to gravitate toward… Read more »

Hope is On the Rise

Open Door is a team – staff, volunteers, community members and faithful supporters.  Over the past ten years we have experienced so many different changes but our mission has remained constant – a dedication to rebuild lives broken by addiction and incarceration. Over the past year, our team has joined together to make it possible… Read more »