Hope is On the Rise

Open Door is a team – staff, volunteers, community members and faithful supporters.  Over the past ten years we have experienced so many different changes but our mission has remained constant – a dedication to rebuild lives broken by addiction and incarceration.

Over the past year, our team has joined together to make it possible for Open Door to help women find hope in some very desperate circumstances. We have heard their stories – 10 years of personal stories marked by abuse, hardship and despair.  We have been opening doors and helping PEI women experience freedom and change – one woman at a time, one baby step at a time.  Good things are happening with your support; transformative things.

Hope is on the rise because of you.  Here is a snapshot of our 2014-15 Community Report:

  • Open Door had 224 opportunities for 1-1 mentoring at the PCC and in the community
  • 76 women participated in  11 Open Door programs offered at the PCC
  • 31% was the average percentage of change of attitudes, knowledge and beliefs for the entire group of 76 women participating over a one year period.
  • 63% was the highest percentage of individual change occurring in pre and post program surveys