cheryl-webI rarely talk about how our faith is part of what we do at Open Door. I guess I assume faith might offend or turn people off from the heart of what we do as an organization but the fact remains that we are a Christian humanitarian organization.  As our logo tagline says, “Faith for Change”.  Simply put, Jesus’s love changed us and we know His love can change anyone for the better if they want Him.  He is the reason we do what we do but we don’t require anyone to share our faith to get our help.  The door is always open, no strings attached. (No pun intended) That is our story.

In the early days of my work in community ministry I admit I was in awe of people who kept moving forward despite their hardships, despite their pain, despite their poverty.  But more so, I was in awe of those who had simple faith.  They just didn’t have resilience; they had relationship with my God.  I formed a deep respect that remains today because they taught me that faith is more than what you believe but rather it comes out in how you live your life.  I found that for all my education, I was sorely lacking in that kind of faith. Then I understood how they got out of bed in the morning and still smiled.

This year we have had the privilege of taking over the chaplaincy at the jail for the women.  It would appear that our work has come full circle as we are able to minister to not just the mind and the body, but now also the soul.  Many people come to chapel with little or no faith and yet they come, just as they are.  God always shows up too!  I know that as we move forward, a simple faith in the God of hope will make a life changing difference as each woman puts her feet on the floor each day.                                         Until Next Time, Cheryl