Some people see being powerful as being in control like a manager, a teacher or the political bosses. There’s a difference between having a powerful position and being a powerful person.   Sometimes the wrong people are in powerful positions and these leaders want to be in control over others.  It’s hard to have control over other people if you don’t have control over yourself.

The key to being a powerful person is being able to control yourself not about controlling others. Powerful people take responsibility for their behaviour while powerless people like to place blame everywhere but themselves.

The first step of 12  in the AA program says,

“We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.”

Who would have thought that admitting you were powerless over something that was wrecking your life could become a healthy form of power.  It’s an upside down and inside out way to look at life.  But the power that comes from going to a counsellor or attending a group changes you.  When you enter in, you find that the powerlessness that brought you there, is the very thing that helps you to bring control back into your own life.

Excellent first step in the right direction.