Desperate Times/Desperate Measures

I had a conversation with someone working in mental health for crisis situations last week.  It was a desperate situation.  Her client (of many) was one of my clients and was without a roof over her head for the night.  We talked to other agencies.  We racked our brains to think of a way to help this young woman.  A young woman who was in a desperate situation for the most part because of her bad choices.  Plain and simple.

It’s easy to judge.  It’s easy to lecture.  It’s easy to look the other way.  None of that helps the situation.  Does no good at all.  What struck me was the sincere desire for everyone involved to help if even for just one night.  Most people in crisis don’t see all the different people who are trying their best to alleviate a desperate situation.  December is not a great time to be homeless whether or not it is your fault.

We have a desperate situation in Charlottetown: no emergency housing for women.  My goal in 2017 is to get some more community minded people together and get a plan of action to change this.  There I said it.  Now I must do something.  Who is with me?