Who We Are

At Open Door Outreach we want to open doors and help PEI women who are incarcerated and addicted experience freedom and real change.  Our services help women experience personal transformation.  They include personal mentoring, group programs and assistance with transitions into the community post release. We are also responsible for Female Chaplaincy  in the Provincial Correctional Centre creating opportunities for engaging with God.  Every step in the right direction is applauded as part of the transformation process.  Giving back to the community is an authentic outcome of transformation.

Open Door takes the initiative and comes alongside marginalized women on an indefinite basis.  Going where there is a need, at no cost or pre-condition, is essential to our mission.

We are an impartial Christian humanitarian organization with all female staff and volunteers who are motivated by a personal faith exemplified by a loving, compassionate and non-judgmental presence in the community.

Women report that their involvement with Open Door Outreach has been positive, beneficial and provides them with hope and skills for a more appropriate future direction.

The Journey 

Open Door Outreach started as Open Door Ministries. It was co-founded by Cheryl Millman and Wanda Livingston. In 2005 Open Door Ministries was registered as a charity to meet the growing social and spiritual needs of those in the community who were incarcerated and addicted. Rev.Cheryl Millman was hired as Executive Director. The first office was on Walthen Drive in Charlottetown. In 2007 a Thrift Store was established on Allen St with a ministry center included. A business consultant who evaluated the operations of Open Door in 2009, concluded that the Thrift Store was not meeting the financial goals that had been projected and as a result, the Store was closed in 2010. Open Door moved offices to 374 University Avenue. After re-valuation of the mission, it was determined that Open Door would be a ministry exclusive to marginalized women who were incarcerated and addicted.
In 2015, Open Door celebrated its 10th anniversary. The organization had grown and evolved over those 10 years. To ensure it continued to effectively communicate to the intended audiences, a new brand, and trade name “Open Door Outreach” was launched. This new name more accurately conveyed what Open Door does for its clients; reaching out to them when they need help the most.
In 2016 Cheryl Millman took on the responsibility of Women’s Chaplaincy which involves weekly chapels and spiritual guidance within the PCC. Most of Open Door’s work occurs directly with incarcerated women in the Provincial Correctional Centre. Programs are also presented to other community organizations that work with the same clientele in recovery homes.
In 2020 Open Door moved offices to 30 Brackley Pt Rd.