Welcome to Our Anniversary

logoWelcome!  A lot of changes for our 10th anniversary. In 2015, we will commemorate 10 years of helping to rebuild the lives of women on PEI who are marginalized and addicted.   We have grown and evolved over those 10 years to ensure we continue to effectively communicate to our audiences.   Because I like to celebrate everything, I thought 2015 was the year to do that. We feel our new name of “Open Door Outreach” more accurately conveys what we do for our clients; namely, we reach out to them when and where they need us most.

About 80-90% of our outreach is done in the provincial correctional centre 1-1 mentoring or in group programs. In PEI 117 women were incarcerated in the last year – that number is drastically different from a decade ago.

Every program we facilitate uses a pre and post survey. In 2014 33% was the average change for those who took one of our programs.  This means hat from the start of the course to the end of the course there was a change, some slight, some dramatic. Every step in the right direction is a step well taken.  So we are making a difference and we are so excited to share the journey with you.

Our new logo reflects that we are a faith based organization.  Faith based means that we are followers of Jesus Christ.  At Open Door our relationship with Jesus is what gives us our worth, value and significance and because of that we are stronger and full of hope for everyone.  Faith for Change is the heart of our work.  No one has ever been required to adhere to our spiritual beliefs in order to receive help from us.

And so we carry on with the excitement of doing what we love and seeing change happen.  Follow us and celebrate with us.  We are not “taking our boots off yet”.  There is still much to do.

Cheryl 🙂